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Wireless Access

The library is pleased to offer WiFi services to members and visitors without charge. We currently have a DSL line with 7 megabits that has a capacity for 50 wireless users in the main building and Charles Pink House. We have also enabled three different wireless versions to easily connect to our system. All broadly offer service to all Apple and Microsoft operating systems.

Some computers may not connect because of individual configurations made in each personal laptop.

WiFi is available throughout the building. We have a limited number of electrical outlets and request that members and visitor do not unplug anything in order to plug in their personal electronics.

Personal laptops may connect wirelessly to the printer upstairs in the library. The IP address is located on the printer.

The WiFi strength does vary within the building. It is strongest upstairs.

Please understand that the staff and volunteer helpers cannot work on your personal computers if you are having difficulty with WiFi reception or printing.